Mr K L Lim (Operations Director)
Opulent Group

In the last 15 years, Opulent progressively ventured into assembly of printed circuit board and since transformed themselves into an elite global manufacturer with a proven track record of complex electronics manufacturing capabilities, boasting a staff strength of 500.

Opulent Solution Sdn Bhd’s Operation Director, Mr K.L Lim, mentioned: “We have been searching for a SMT Printer that is capable of operating at a cycle time below 12 seconds. In August 2017, a GKG distributor approached us with a solution to address our concern. He assured us that by having two G-Titans operating in series, it will resolve the issue that we were experiencing. Despite being skeptical, we gave it a try. Remarkably, our requirement was entirely fulfilled. In fact, the various new features that came with it brought about a whole new level of efficiency on the production floor. There was a tremendous increase in our yield and quality.”

Opulent Solution Sdn Bhd’s Technician, Mr Dormawati, observed: “The OPC using common 500 grams jar is very effective. My operators like it because they do not have to worry about checking the solder volume on the stencil every now and then. Together with the closed loop system, the automatic supply keeps them assured. The OPC squeegee effectively sweeps the stencil clean everytime and leave no stagnant paste at the sides. This helps us to cut down on solder paste wastage and improve printing quality. The production floor is now cleaner and neater with less operators walking around. We are happy with the change.”

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