G-Titan | SMT Printer

G-Titan | SMT Printer

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As the trade is getting more and more involved in Industry 4.0, it is understood that customers are also expecting to transform their operations, yielding higher productivity and competitiveness. Strategically equipped with OPC (Optimum-Paste Control), G-Titan makes your journey towards lights-out manufacturing a seamless one.

Complemented by QPC (Quality-Print Control), G-Titan firmly stands behind the belief that nothing is more important than a good print. These revolutionary changes to the fundamental aspects of the SMT printer will bring about an efficiency that you’ve never experienced before


OPTIMUM-PASTE CONTROL (OPC) - Get Ready For Lights - Out Manufacturing
Auto Paste Dispensing

The paste is automatically dispensed across the entire squeegee length, maintaining at 15mm rolling diameter, adopting the common 500 grams’ solder paste jar. Completely eliminates the wastage of solder paste overflowing to the sides of squeegee.

Paste Rolling Diameter Monitoring System

Tracing solder paste rolling diameter in real time and trigger the auto dispensing if it falls below 10mm. Completely eliminate insufficient solder paste on stencil and keep the paste rolling speed within optimum range to achieve best printing result with this smt printer.

OPC Squeegee

Retainers at both sides can be adjusted to the exact length of the PCB, enabling solder paste to be retained within the PCB length to obtain a clean sweep. Possess absolute control over desired printing area, to achieve best printing quality using this smt printer.

Stencil Aperture Inspection System

Using panel light installed at the top and CCD camera below to inspect stencil apertures. It automatically detects the clogging of stencil apertures to eliminate poor quality stencil being used, ensure quality printing right from the start.

The Stencil Lock & PCB Clamper

The Stencil Lock sucks the stencil firmly on both sides of the conveyor during printing cycle. To eliminate stencil vibration by having firm contact with PCB. The PCB clamper is a combination of retractable top clamp and motor controlled side clamp, uniquely designed by GKG (patented). With these standard features, all of today’s available and challenging substrates can be securely clamped and print to the highest quality.


Ready for Industry 4.0

Through machine status, parameters can be uploaded automatically. Designed to support customers’ advancement towards Industry 4.0 intelligence production, G-Titan provides seamless connection with users’ MES system, enhancing product traceability and maintenance needs.

SPI Close-loop Connection

With SPI close-loop system, machine will automatically adjust and correct the print deposits based on the feedback given with regards to poor printing quality. This will facilitate improved print quality and production efficiency, by forming a complete printing feedback system.

Back to Back (BTB)

2 Machines back to back is a perfect match to all dual lane SMT lines. The machines can be operated independently of each other, running different types of product.

Auto Glue Dispensing

Attached on CCD Camera XY axis, the dispenser provides basic function of glue dotting using syringe type dispensing needle after solder paste printing.

Machine Alignment Capability 2 Cmk @ ± 10 microns 6 sigma
Process Alignment Capability 2 Cpk @ ± 18 microns 6 sigma
Core Cycle Time
(excluding printing & cleaning time)
< 8.5 secs
Product Changeover Time < 3 mins
New Product Set-up Time < 10 mins
Board Handling
Max. Size (L x W) 510 mm x 510 mm
Min. Size (L x W) 50 mm x 50 mm
Thickness 0.4~6 mm
PCB Thickness Adjustment Automatic
PCB Max. Weight 5 kg
PCB Edge Clearance 3 mm
PCB Bottom Clearance 23 mm
 PCB Warpage Max. 1% diagonally
 Clamping Method Auto retractable top clamp, motor controlled side clamp
 Support Method Magnetic support pins, bars, blocks, vacuum suction
 Conveyor Direction L to R, R to L, R to R, L to L
(software control)
 Conveyor Height 900 ± 40 mm
 Conveyor Speed 1,500 mm/s
Conveyor Width Adjustment Automatic
Stencil Frame Size (L x W) Adjustable, 470 mm x 370 mm to 737 mm x 737 mm
Print Gap (snap-off) 0~20 mm
Printing Table Adjustment Range X: ±10 mm, Y: ±10 mm : ± 2°
Print Speed 10~200 mm/s
Squeegee Pressure 0.5~10kg (program control)
Squeegee Type Std.: OPC Squeegee 300 mm, 450 mm & Metal Squeegee 520mm. Option: Rubber
Squeegee Angle Std. 60°, Option 45°, 50°, 55°
Cleaning System Auto wet, dry, vacuum (Software select)
Power Supply AC220V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3kW
Air Supply 4 ~ 6Kgf/cm²
Air Consumption 5L/min
Dimension (excluding signal tower) 1,240 mm (L) x 1,560 mm (W) x 1,490 mm (H)
Machine Weight 1,200kg
Hardware LCD Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard
Operating System (OS) Windows 10
Control Method Industrial PC controlled
I/O Interface SMEMA Standard
Field-of-View (FOV) 10mm x 8mm
Fiducial Types Circle, triangle, square, diamond, cross
Fiducial Size 0.5~4.0 mm
Vision Methodology Digital CCD camera look up & down
2D Inspection Max.100 windows to inspect missing & insufficient (std.)
Auto paste replenishment (OPC)
Paste rolling diameter monitoring system (OPC)
OPC squeegee assembly (2 pairs 300mm & 450mm)
Stencil Lock (QPC)
Stencil apertures inspection system (QPC)
SPI closed-loop
Auto glue dispensing
Temperature, humidity monitoring & display with aircon unit
Internal/External barcode scanner for PCB traceability
Handheld barcode scanner for stencil, solder paste, squeegee traceability
MES system integration (For Ind. 4.0)
2 machines in series for higher output
2 machines back to back for dual lane SMT line



Mr K L Lim (Operations Director)
Opulent Group

In the last 15 years, Opulent progressively ventured into assembly of printed circuit board and since transformed themselves into an elite global manufacturer with a proven track record of complex electronics manufacturing capabilities, boasting a staff strength of 500.

Opulent Solution Sdn Bhd’s Operation Director, Mr K.L Lim, mentioned: “We have been searching for a SMT Printer that is capable of operating at a cycle time below 12 seconds. In August 2017, a GKG distributor approached us with a solution to address our concern. He assured us that by having two G-Titans operating in series, it will resolve the issue that we were experiencing. Despite being skeptical, we gave it a try. Remarkably, our requirement was entirely fulfilled. In fact, the various new features that came with it brought about a whole new level of efficiency on the production floor. There was a tremendous increase in our yield and quality.”

Opulent Solution Sdn Bhd’s Technician, Mr Dormawati, observed: “The OPC using common 500 grams jar is very effective. My operators like it because they do not have to worry about checking the solder volume on the stencil every now and then. Together with the closed loop system, the automatic supply keeps them assured. The OPC squeegee effectively sweeps the stencil clean everytime and leave no stagnant paste at the sides. This helps us to cut down on solder paste wastage and improve printing quality. The production floor is now cleaner and neater with less operators walking around. We are happy with the change.”

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