G-Tera | Ultra Precision Printer


Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer

The new generation of automatic printing presses. This machine incorporates machine vision technology for automatic identification, utilizing a high-precision servo drive dynamic system to ensure fast and accurate alignment. With its independent cleaning system, it can print ultra-fine pitch pads as small as 0.3mm, guaranteeing high-quality solder paste printing and boosting production efficiency.

The entire machine is computer-controlled, featuring the user-friendly Windows 10 operating interface and a wide range of software functions. Users can easily configure printing parameters such as squeegee pressure, printing height, printing stroke, printing speed, and screen cleaning cycles through the software, ensuring consistent printing quality and stability. This stable operation greatly facilitates user experience and enhances overall productivity.


Paste roll diameter monitoring system to monitor the solder paste roll and auto paste dispensing system to automatically dispense solder paste across the programmed squeegee length, eliminate wastage of solder paste overflowing to the sides of squeegee.

Real-time print table height (Z-axis) monitoring system, which controls the print table up / down accuracy within 15 microns.

Squeegee pressure feedback & dual driven squeegee structure design, provide real-time squeegee pressure monitoring, avoid uneven printing districution for large board, guarantee ±0.2kg of printing pressure accuracy.

1.3 Mega pixel CCD camera with 5.6µm resolution for high precision alignment.

Stencil aperture inspection can be programmed to be carried out automatically to detect clogging on stencil opening, eliminate poor printing from the begining.

IPA Dispensing nozzle and selection of 3 cleaning modes (wet, dry, vacuum) to ensure effective stencil cleaning.

Retractable top clamp, motorized side clamp, with stencil lock function, provides good clamping between PCB Board with stencil, ensure good quality and yield for high precision printing at 15µm@6σ (CPK≥2.0).

Solvent tank with weighing scale function monitor solvent volume in real time.


SPI Closed-Loop Connection

Pair with different brands of SPI, receive printing result feedback and auto adjust the (X,Y & Θ) offset of printing condition

External Aircon Unit

Regulate temperature inside the machine during production process.

Industrial 4.0 Ready Traceability System

Barcode scanning function with standard or customized MES system for full process traceability.

Jetting Dispensing Valve

Achieve additional glue dispensing after solder paste printing in a single machine.


Machine Alignment Capability ±8µm @ 6σ (CPK≥2.0)
Process Alignment Capability ±15µm @ 6σ (CPK≥2.0)
Core Cycle Time
(excluding printing & cleaning time)
7.5 secs
Product Changeover Time 2 mins
New Product Set-up Time 4 mins
Board Handling
Max. Size (L x W) 510 mm x 510 mm
Min. Size (L x W) 50 mm x 50 mm
Board Thickness 0.2~6 mm
PCB Thickness Adjustment Automatic
PCB Max. Weight 5 kg
PCB Edge Clearance 2.5 mm
PCB Bottom Clearance 25 mm
 Conveyor Height 900 ± 40mm
 MAX. Conveyor Height 1500mm / s
 Conveyor Transportation Single stage
 Conveyor Direction L to R, R to L, R to R, L to L
 Support Method Magnetic support pins, bars blocks, vacuum suction
 Clamping Method Auto retractable top clamp, motor controlled side clamp
Field-of-View (FOV) 6mm x 4.8mm
CCD Camera 1.3 Mega Pixel
Image Capturing CT 100ms
Fiducial Types Circle, triangle, square, diamond, cross
Fiducial Size 0.1~4.0 mm
Number of Fiducial 1 – 4pcs
Print Speed 10~200 mm/s
Print Pressure 0.5 – 20kg
Print Mode Single or dual squeegee printing
Squeegee Type Rubber or metal squeegee (45/55/60angle)
Snap Off Distance 0-20mm
Snap Off Speed 0-20mm/s
Stencil Frame Size (L x W) 470 mm x 370 mm to 737 mm x 737 mm
Stencil Positioning Method Automatic Y-direction positioning
Cleaning System
Cleaning System Auto wet, dry, vacuum (Software select)
Alcohol Dispense Method Downward alcohol line dispense type(CPK≥2.0)
Cleaning Speed 10-200mm/s
Product Changeover Time 2 mins
Facility Requirement
Power Supply AC220±10%, 50/60Hz 2.2kW
Air Supply 4~6kgf/cm²
Air Consumption ~5L/min
Working Temperature -20°C ~ +45°C
Dimension (Excluding signal light) 1,240(L) x 1,572(W) x 1,530(H) mm
Machine Weight ~1100kg (650kg/m²)


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