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The Large Platform SMT Screen Printer

Catering to customers’ ultra large printing needs, P-Primo is the ideal printer that serves XL size PCB of up to 850mm x 610mm. The 2D paste inspection function is able to detect insufficient paste, bridging and other defects. Like all our other GKG machines, P-Primo undergoes numerous stringent tests to certify its capability.

Machine Alignment Capability 2Cmk @ ±12.5 microns 4 Sigma
Process Alignment Capability 2Cpk @ ±25 microns 4 Sigma
Core Cycle Time
(excluding printing & cleaning time)
< 12 secs
Product Changeover Time < 5 mins
New Product Set-up Time < 10 mins
Board Handling
Max. Size (L x W) 850 mm x 610 mm
Min. Size (L x W) 100 mm x 65 mm
Thickness 0.4~8 mm
PCB Thickness Adjustment Automatic
PCB Max. Weight 10 kg
PCB Edge Clearance 3.5 mm
PCB Bottom Clearance 23 mm
 PCB Warpage Max. 1% diagonally
 Clamping Method Retractable top clamp, motor controlled side clamp
 Support Method Magnetic support pins, bars, blocks, vacuum suction
 Conveyor Direction L to R, R to L, R to R, L to L (software control)
 Conveyor Height 900 ± 40 mm
 Conveyor Speed Max. 1,500 mm/s
Conveyor Width Adjustment Automatic
Hardware  LCD Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard
Operating System (OS) Windows 10
Control Method Industrial PC controlled
I/O Interface SMEMA Standard
Field-of-View (FOV) 8 mm x 6 mm
Fiducial Types Circle, triangle, square, diamond, cross
Fiducial size 0.5~4.0 mm
Vision Methodology CCD camera look up & down
2D inspection Max. 100 windows to inspect missing,
insufficient, bridging (std.)


Stencil Frame Size (L X W) Adjustable, 737 mm x 737 mm to
1,100 mm x 950 mm
Print Gap (snap-off) 0~20 mm
Printing Table Adjustment Range X: ±10 mm, Y: ±10 mm/ : ± 2°
Print Speed 5~150 mm/s
Squeegee Pressure 0.5~20kg (program control)
Squeegee Type Std.: Metal, Option: Rubber
Squeegee Angle Std. 60°, Option 45°, 50°, 55°
Cleaning System Auto wet, dry, vacuum (Software select)
Power Supply AC220V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 3kW
Air Supply 4 ~ 6Kgf/cm²
Dimension (excluding signal tower) 1,590 mm (L) x 1,608mm (W) x 1,530 mm (H)
Machine Weight 1,500 kg
Stencil Apertures Inspection System
SPI Closed-Loop
Temperature, Humidity Monitoring & Display
External Barcode Scanner for PCB Traceability
Handheld Barcode Scanner for stencil, solder paste,
squeegee traceability

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