Published interview on China Guangdong Official TV Channel.
Year 2019
July 2019

Published interview on China Guangdong Official TV Channel.

26 July 2019


GKG Precision Machine Co., Ltd is an equipment manufacturing company. In barely 15 years, GKG soar with absolute performance and became the global market share leader providing high precision solder paste printer.

The implementation of a large scale tax reduction policy (16% to 13%) is seen as a major move from the Chinese government to support and boost the economy. It focuses on the different possible benefits for taxpayers of different fields & industries, especially the manufacturing sector.

Over-the-edge technology isn’t achieved overnight. It was through intense cultivation and research efforts that enabled GKG to transform into what it is today. The government policies had further equipped GKG with additional resources to fund investment into R&D and product enhancement.

“For example, Grant were given to encourage software development. Because in our equipment, software is the key. Thus, the amount of benefit gained from the policies are extremely significant. These are all tremendous support which would generate the quickest ROI. We are very hopeful about our future.” GKG’s CEO, Mr. Liu Xiao Ning, commented.

Transformation and upgrading have become the two main factors of the manufacturing industry in this round of tax reduction policy. As the core component of the manufacturing industry and the basis of industrial development, the equipment manufacturing industry has benefited the most from the process. According to the equipment manufacturing industry analyst, enterprises has undergone transformation and upgrading in response to trade frictions and the downturn of the international economy. They are turning crisis into opportunities.

“In the past, many customers are not so receptive and prefer to use other prevalent solder paste equipment. Today, as our product features and quality improves, our competitiveness are on par or even better as we compete.” Mr. Liu observed.


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