Hectic October for GKG Precision Machine HQ
Year 2023
October 2023

Hectic October for GKG Precision Machine HQ

31 October 2023

The two major events, NEPCON Asia 2023 and C-Touch & Display Shenzhen 2023, are scheduled for October. GKG Precision Machine has showcased groundbreaking research in the fields of SMT and Mini LED at these events.

During the 3 days events of NEPCON ASIA 2023, GKG Precision Machine has demonstrated Fully Automated SMT Printer GT-MINI for small PCBs printing, H2000 for large-sized new energy printing applications, and Multi-substrates printer R1-D, widely sed in the IGBT, 5G, smart wearables, mobile phone, and semiconductor sectors.

The High-speed dispensing machine DH5S made its debut as a star product. With a maximum speed of up to 10W+Chip/H, its high-speed feature significantly enhances dispensing efficiency. It can be applied in various areas such as silver paste/solder paste dispensing, SMT red glue bonding, and PCB component mounting.

Another highlight is the connection of the D5+3D glue path inspection machine, which is designed to serve the dispensing and glue path inspection process. It enables real-time 3D inspection of the glue path and is commonly used in the assembly stages of 3C electronics, laptops, automotive electronics, and mobile phones.


GKG Precision Machine has introduces the DLED-mini, a specialized dispensing machine for Mini/Micro LEDs. It is designed to meet the needs of applications such as Mini LED lenses, dams, filling, RGB coating/filling, with a repeat positioning accuracy of ±15um and a dispensing area of 1500*510mm.

During the exhibition, a complete line for the Mini LED field was showcased, consisting of the Automatic solder paste printing machine GLED-mini and the High-speed die bonder machine GD91M6. With the capability to print Min 24mil chips and bond Min 24mil chips, customers can confidently address the requirements of the Mini/Micro LED field.

Technology integration, innovation, and multi-domain synergistic development are driving forces behind ongoing technical advancements and upgrades across various sectors. This continuous process results in innovative and high-quality products that contribute to the advancement of China’s intelligent manufacturing industry, injecting new vitality into its evolution.

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