GKG Sucessfully Qualified CFX Validation And Certification Program
Year 2021
June 2021

GKG Sucessfully Qualified CFX Validation And Certification Program

30 June 2021

GKG is the market leader specialize in SMT solder paste printing. Our advanced flagship printer model, G-Titan, has met the requirement of IPC-CFX-2591 and officially validated by the IPC as CFX compliant.

IPC-CFX is an industry-developed open international standard forming the foundation/backbone of Factory of the Future applications. By applying CFX system, it allows G-Titan to communicate with most manufacturers’ business management software effectively, therefore shorten the solution deployment time between GKG and our clients.

Integration of Industry 4.0 and bidirectional DFX intelligence capability could help our clients reduce the cost of entry to smart factory. And also, it eliminates the need for middleware, ensure message content data integrity, sending and responding to the messages.

G-Titan is GKG very first model that support the IPC-CFX-2591 system and CFX validation program. GKG acknowledged that it is a remarkable achievement to boost up our client confidence.  It shows GKG determination to develop our products consistently to match with various demand in the electronics manufacturing industry.
Manufacturers can find out the G-Titan qualified capabilities thru the IPC Qualified Products List (QPL) Portal. For more information about GKG, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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