NEPCON Thailand 2023
Year 2023
June 2023

NEPCON Thailand 2023

26 June 2023

On June 21st to 24th, Nepcon Thailand, the largest and most professional electronic exhibitions was held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Thailand. GKG Asia, in collaboration with JTU Singapore, showcased products and technologies specifically designed for the Southeast Asian market.

During this exhibition, GKG Asia presented innovative equipment and technologies that meet the demands of the Southeast Asian market. We showcased Ultra-Precision Printer G-TERA, Multi-Function Dispenser D-VIS and high-speed precision dispensing valves, Multi-Substrate Printer R1, and Flexible Manufacturing System GA1000.

In recent years, Thailand has experienced rapid economic growth, and GKG Asia has been riding the wave of opportunities. Through this exhibition, we aimed to provide international customers and industry peers with a closer look at our products, allowing them to gained a deeper understanding of GKG Asia’s products.

With live demonstrations and technical explanations, we were able to enhance international recognition and affirmation of GKG Asia’s products. It also helped reshape the perception of GKG Asia and China products in general: more intelligent, innovative, professional, and customizable.

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