Year 2024
February 2024


07 February 2024

After SEMICON SHANGHAI 2024, riding the wave, GKG continues to participate in NEPCON China 2024 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from April 24th to 26th, 2024.

GKG showcased the All-New Flagship SMT Printer, G-Tera, at NEPCON China 2024. With high performance, high precision, high-speed printing, and advanced intelligent functions, G-Tera has attracted tremendous interest from visitors who are eager to catch a first glance at this cutting-edge machine.

The printing accuracy is up to ±12.5μm @6σ, CPK>2.0, with a cycle time of less than 6 seconds. Equipped with advanced intelligent features such as Automatic Stencil Changing, Automatic Placing Support Pin, Paperless Wiping System, Auto Line Changing Mode, and Biometric Recognition System, G-Tera is applicable to the 5G Industry, Semiconductor, Mini LED, 3C Products, and Aviation & Aerospace industries.

Besides the SMT Printer, GKG also showcased its Dispenser Series during the 3-day NEPCON exhibition.

The Multi-function Dispenser DH8-F is equipped with dual Z-axis dispensing module, capable of simultaneous dispensing for multiple different processes. This helps to increases productivity by 100% while saving 50% in machine footprint, effectively reducing overall costs.

The Fully-Automatic High-Speed Dispenser D7S is equipped with a Dual Z-axis dispensing module. It utilizes linear motor motion with up to 1500mm/s speeds. Compatible with dual valve individual or simultaneous dispensing functions while maintaining 40μm accuracy, and dual valve dispensing is not affected by product size.

During the exhibition, the sales and technical teams warmly welcomed every domestic and overseas visitor who came for consultation, professionally explaining product features, providing customized product solutions according to industry application.

This professional and customized one-to-one service allowed the visitors to gain a deeper understanding of GKG’s strength in systematic service and technological innovation, thus enhancing their trust in GKG.

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