GKG recognises Juki Automation Systems’ Robert J. Black, Jr.
Year 2018
March 2018

GKG recognises Juki Automation Systems' Robert J. Black, Jr.

01 March 2018

From left to right: Mr. Bill Astle (President & CEO of Juki Automation Systems), Mr. Robert J. Black, Jr. (Senior Advisor of Juki Automation Systems), Mr. Glenn Qiu (Founder & CEO of GKG Precision Machine Co., Ltd)

Juki Automation Systems (JAS), Inc., a world-leading provider of automated assembly products & systems and part of Juki Automation Systems Corporation, recently announced that it was recognised by GKG Precision Machine Co., Ltd., during the recent IPC APEX EXPO. 

Juki Automation Systems’ executive operating officer Robert J. Black, Jr., has been recognised by GKG Precision Machine Co., Ltd., celebrating the strong relationship between the two companies. Glenn Qiu, GKG’s founder & CEO, presented a golden eagle to Black to commemorate the successful partnership and to wish him well for his upcoming retirement.

Since 2012, Juki has partnered with GKG of Guangdong, China, and its sales arm, GKG Asia Pte Ltd., of Singapore. Juki handles the development, customisation & sales of GKG screen printing systems and accessories in the America.

Black commented, “Our partnership with Glenn & GKG has been very rewarding for both sides. Juki is now one of the top printer suppliers in the America, and GKG is now the number one worldwide. I thank Glenn for his cooperation & support.

Headquartered in Dongguan, China (Guangdong province), GKG is the leading China brand for fully automatic vision printers supplied to the SMT industries for PCB assembly. The company’s marketing & training centre, GKG Asia Pte Ltd, was incorporated in Singapore in 2009 to further enhance its global presence. Today, the company’s products are represented in more than 20 countries outside of China by established sales & service partners. 

Source: http://www.us-tech.com/Customized/Uploads/ByDate/2018/June_2018/June_4th_2018/JUNE_2018_ISSUE87186.pdf

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