An Insight on P.R.C 2018.
Year 2018
May 2018

An Insight on P.R.C 2018.

04 May 2018

In May 2018, GKG Asia Pte Ltd took part in the inaugural “An Insight on P.R.C 2018”, that was held in Johor Bahru. Together with the other members from the JTU Group, the light-hearted and casual session provided our industry partners with an understanding on the latest improvement about Printer, Reflow and Coating.

Among all, G-Titan was the point of convergence. Automation in electronics manufacturing industry have been growing slowly and steadily. These includes fabrication of PCB, placement of components, inspection, test equipment, etc. However, it is the up and coming Industry 4.0 that have swept the trade by storm. While everyone is busy thinking about how to fit into the craze, there is one very important and fundamental aspect in SMT printers that remains unchanged.

Printing is a preliminary and crucial part of the whole SMT process for electronic devices. As studies have shown, more than 60% of the total defects come from the printing process. Solder paste volume and solder print alignment are critical to the printing process. And this is exactly why the OPC and QPC concepts appeared exceptionally captivating to the event attendees. They were awed by it perfectly complementing to the Industry 4.0. It successfully demonstrated the ability to embark on intelligent decision making and cultivating the culture of hands off manufacturing.

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