Multi-function High Speed Dispenser

Equipped with fine volume control and positional accuracy which allows it to dispense discrete dots. D-Sniper can dispense into tight locations or close to a component in very thin lines without going out of bounds.


SMT Glue

This function is for PCB Assembly ( SMT glue dotting) and also enabling the mechanical stability of the components on the PCB. ( BGA corner bonding)

Valve Rotation & Tilting Mechanism

With the self-integrated turning unit, it’s furnished the ability of turning the nozzle to support angular position dispensing.

Dual Valve

Dual Valve is capable of simultaneous dispensing with automatic pitch adjustment. Also, it can provide independent dispensing with different material. With Dual Valve, it will reduce the process time significantly, enhancing the throughput performance. It greatly aids in automated & high-mix production environment.


With an adequate amount dispensed (the smallest mark being 0.3mm), it ensures components remain robust & safely secured.

Conformal Coating

Developed to protect components from dust, vibration, moisture, & other environmental condition, offering the longest possible operational lifespan for electronic devices.


Process for COB where wire bonded IC is filled with epoxy to form a package.

Short Firing Pin

This greatly contributes to the attainment of consistent dispensing result at higher frequency, boosting efficiency and reliability.

Software controlled dispensing volume

The volume dispensed can be easily manipulated by numerical data input.

Ease of maintenance

Remove 2 screws are all it takes to clean the base plate. There is no need to dismantle the entire valve for cleaning. It can be dismantled and reassembled again in the same way without complicated readjustment.

Dimension (W x D x H) 998 mm x 1,300 mm x 1,450 mm
Dispense Area (min.) 50 mm x 50 mm
Dispense Area (max.) 510 mm x 510mm
Placement Accuracy ± 20 micron @ 3 sigma
Repeatability ± 20 micron @ 3 sigma
Power Supply 2.4kW 220V 50/60HZ
Compress Air Supply 4 ~ 6Kgf/cm²
Control Method Industrial PC + Motion Control Card
Height Measurement System by laser
Air Stabilizer
Auto nozzle vacuum cleaning function
Single Stage Conveyor
IC Body Recognition
Valve Temperature Regulators
Fluid Level Detection & Alarm
Statistical Process Control
XYZ Origin Calibration Platform
Programming method: Online teaching or import from CAD file
Precision Material Weight Calibration System
Dual Lane Conveyor System
Substrate Bottom Heating Module
Valve Rotation & Tilting Mechanism
Substrate Auto Loader/Unloader
3 Stage Conveyors with Substrate Bottom Heating Module
Dual Valve Structure (Can perform Simultaneous Dispensing of 2 PCB)

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