GKG founder Mr. Glenn Qiu

From Left: LS Lim (Engineering Director), Jack Wong (Business Director), Alan Ong (Executive Director), KS Toon (Managing Director)

The humble beginning of GKG's story started in year 2003 when the C.E.O. Mr. Glenn Qiu deeply believed that, there is a real need to provide an alternative, to all the SMT customers in China, for a vision printer that can match the performance of MPM,DEK and EKRA at a fraction of the price.

In order to understand the market and customer's expectation, Glenn decided to produce 30 units of G1 prototype machine and sent it to 30 different customers in Dongguan for 6 months evaluation and test run. After 6 months, a total of more than 600 feedback and suggestions was collected by Glenn. In early 2004, G2 was officially launched to the market with the improvements. BIG success follow... 

Today, GKG had shipped more than 4,000 vision printers to China, South East Asia, Europe, USA, Brazil, Russia, India and the rest of the world and... we are still catching a lot of attention from many smart customers who believe in GKG for a real breakthrough in competitiveness!

GKG ASIA PTE LTD was incorprated in Singapore on the 9th of September 2009 (09.09.09).

GKG China concentrate on the R&D, manufacturing and China domestic sales. Whereas GKGA forms the core external business arm to handle all GKG overseas business opportunities, sales channels, training and service support to the rest of the world.